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Toolkit Item 24 Maternity services Named Person resource


This resource is a graphic representation of the well-being pregnancy wheel which is available to all midwives in NHSL and should be used at the earliest point of contact with the expectant mother.

The well-being pregnancy wheel is designed as a generic tool to strengthen the relationship between maternity services and parents/carers. The purpose of the tool is as follows:

• to act as a resource to help midwives introduce the concept of well-being to parents and carers
• to gradually increase the knowledge and understanding of all parents about the necessity to actively develop children’s well-being
• to serve as an aid to maintaining the connection between maternity services with families. The resource is designed to fit into the mother’s handbag and might be read whilst waiting for other appointments
• to reinforce the concept of the Named Person in universal services, in this case the midwife
• to provide a stimulating information resource to encourage mothers to engage with the unborn child’s growth and development.

This resource may be of interest to other areas in Scotland to reproduce or to assist with similar resources.

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