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Toolkit Item 06 Speed networking resource

This resource was developed in partnership with the Bellshill locality. As part of their programme of culture change, Bellshill ran a speed networking event, supported by colleagues in community learning and development. The event provided an opportunity for around 100 professionals to share information about what they did and how to access services. Youth services, CAMHS, public health, maternity, education, children and family’s social work and the voluntary sector, among others, provided a short presentation and invited questions on what they did. Practitioners rotated round the room and were able to cover many more services than they might using other approaches. The event was evaluated as a cost-effective way of sharing information quickly. The increased knowledge and information has led to improved relationships and better collaborative working.

There are two resources contained in the toolkit:

• A summary explaining each stage of the speed networking event to support other localities in Lanarkshire or other areas of Scotland who wish to consider a similar event
• Short presentations from professionals which can be used as inserts in training settings to improve knowledge and understand about different roles, responsibilities, services and methods of delivery in children and family services.

The videos can be found on Disc 2 (Video DVD) of the toolkit.

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