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Toolkit Item 05 Multi-agency charter

This resource was developed through a multi-agency collaboration to support multi-agency co-operation. The baseline exercise identified that multi-agency working can be daunting, even intimidating, for some practitioners and doesn’t always involve inclusive discussions or lead to the right decisions for children and young people. The multi-agency group of professionals including educational psychologist, child protection co-ordinator, teachers, nurses, social workers, etc. worked together to understand some of the barriers to good joint working and co-operation.

The group developed the multi-agency charter with the purpose of:

• promoting positive behaviours across professional boundaries in every locality and every setting where multi-agency meetings or joint working takes place
• establishing the right of every practitioner to expect respectful, constructive verbal and non-verbal communication when working with partners in other agencies
• establishing the expectation of every practitioner to model respectful, constructive verbal and non-verbal communication to partners within other agencies
• promoting Getting it right for every child in Lanarkshire.

This resource should be displayed in every setting where multi-agency or joint working takes place. The resource may also be of interest to other areas in Scotland as a process and product which can contribute to breaking down professional barriers.

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