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Toolkit Item 02 Animated audio-cast

Young people in Lanarkshire discuss the meaning of the eight well-being indicators.

This resource is a seven-minute animated audio-cast of children and young people’s voices.

The animated audio-cast is the result of a four-month project completed by the resource team and the North Lanarkshire Learning and Leisure multimedia centre. A number of schools and learning settings were visited and children and young people asked for their immediate response to the wording of the well-being indicators: Safe; Healthy; Achieving; Nurtured; Active; Respected; Responsible and Included. Verbal responses from a mixture of ages, stages, abilities and circumstances were selected and the children and young people’s voices used to develop a graphic animation with voiceover. The final audio-cast is designed as a promotional tool to be used in any training setting for practitioners working in children or family services. The purpose of the tool is as follows:

• To reinforce children at the centre of everything we do
• To reinforce to practitioners that what we have in common is the purpose of helping children to grow and develop their well-being
• To improve knowledge and understanding among practitioners about children and young people’s perceptions of well-being which may be different than adults.

The tool can also be used in learning settings with children and young people to stimulate discussion on well-being as part of the health and well-being element of the curriculum for excellence.

The video can also be found on Disc 2 (Video DVD) of the toolkit.

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