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Toolkit Item 01 Lanarkshire’s Learning Experiences

This resource contains a detailed report with appendices. The resource will be of interest to front line managers, heads of service and chief officers in Lanarkshire as a chronological account of the journey to implement Getting it right for every child. It will help managers to explain the process, particularly how practitioners and front line staff have been involved in the development phase.

The resource may also be of interest to chief officers, heads of service, planners and change managers in other areas of Scotland who are engaged in any aspect of implementation.

Click here to download the PDF of Lanarkshire’s Learning Experience

You can use the following links to download the link documents for Lanarkshire’s Learning Experiences as PDF documents.

  • Link 01 Governance and structures
  • Link 02 Revised structure July 2010
  • Link 03 SWOT analysis
  • Link 04 Baseline and benefits
  • Link 04b Baseline questionnaire
  • Link 05 Programme plan
  • Link 06 Programme plan monitoring August 2009
  • Link 07 Programme update
  • Link 08 Communication strategy
  • Link 09 Communication plan
  • Link 10 Communication monitoring Jan09/Feb10
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