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Toolkit Item 17g GIRFEC Basic Awareness Training


Click the image above or the link below to view an online version of the GIRFEC Basic Awareness presentation.

Online GIRFEC Basic Awareness Presentation

If you have difficulty viewing the online version or you wish to use the presentation offline then, the following link is to a zipped version of the presentation which you can download and use on your own computer.


1 Download the zip file

2 Unpack the zip file

3 Open the Folder GIRFEC_Basic_Awareness_Training which the zip file created

4 Open the file index.htm in your web browser to view the presentation.

If you wish to print out the presentation then please download the PowerPoint or PDF versions of the presentation from the following links:-

GIRFEC_Basic_Awareness_Training.ppt Powerpoint file

GIRFEC_Basic_Awareness_Training.pdf PDF

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